Finally Alaska see’s official legal recreational cannabis

Posted by samadhiyapraveen On January 28, 2015

For many years there has always been a chilly relationship between Cannabis and Alaska. But Alaska is now beginning to see change, Measure 2 an Alaska initiated state statute Which was turned down once before in 2004, is beginning to see light again. On November,4,2014 Measure 2 was put back on the ballot and is now in full effect as of February,24,2015. Measure 2 an initiated state statue, That allows any persons ages 21 an up to posses and use, transport, and grow up to six plants in your own private home. Don’t enjoy that dubee in public just yet, as you may be fined 100$ if caught smoking in public. Alaskans can posses up to an ounce legally, people in Alaska won’t be seeing recreational shops until regulations are put in place, which may take close to a year. In the mean while Alaskans enjoy your pot in the comfort of your own private home.

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