Amsterdam Faces Hardship As Cannabis Laws Become Less Friendly

Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

Amsterdam faces many new challenges as the laws become more strict. Amsterdam used to be the place tourists would think of when looking for cannabis where the laws are friendly towards marijuana. Not any more due to the new (revised opium act of 1976), the new act makes so that only residents of the Netherlands , can access marijuana shops with a special marijuana card issued to each individual resident. Because of the new laws in place, street dealers are beginning to creep from shadows as a demand needs to met from tourists, mainly coming from Germany and Belgium as they share borders with the Netherlands. The Netherlands locals have been complaining about the street dealers that have emerged from the new laws, residents are being bugged by street dealers looking to make quick money, so they just ask anyone and everyone if they are in need of cannabis. Many shops still continue to sell to tourists as they don’t want to conform to the new laws put in place. as the United State’s continue to move fairly quickly towards legalization it seems the Netherlands is pulling away from the industry.

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