cloning cannabis

Posted by admin On April 26, 2015

Cloning Cannabis

Learning how to clone marijuana is a very simple process. Cloning cannabis is a technique that doesn’t take very much skill to achieve it correctly. There are a few things you need when cloning cannabis. First thing is your cloning gel, now you can pick up cloning gel at any retail hydroponic shop. Any gel will work just fine. Next you need is a sharp sterilized razor. Last thing you need is a cloning system, you can  pick one up at your local hydroponic store they are very inexpensive. a cloning system is a medium where you put your clone, like a cup with dirt, or a Rockwell cube with a hydro bucket. Now the way of cloning cannabis all you have to do is find a nice sized branch and cut at the base of that branch at a 45 degree angle. At the base where you made your cut you want to shave  off the first layer of green, now this helps the roots push through easily. After you shaved the first layer you want to dip it into your cloning gel and let it sit for few minutes before putting the cutting into your medium. We advise not to cut clones from a plant in flowering although it is possible, people only usually do this if they are desperate save a certain strain. After you put your cutting into the medium you want to make sure it always stays watered and moist where you made your cutting. Also make sure you always spray your plants down with water keep them in a moist environment, this is because your plants have no roots so they have to take there water through there leaves helping them push out roots. During cloning cannabis all you need to use is cfl lights. 7 days after following this process your cuttings should be successfully rooted. Don’t feel bad if half your cuttings die this is normal its a numbers game when cutting clones. and that’s how cloning cannabis is done.

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