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Posted by admin On April 25, 2015

How to grow weed| Supplies Needed

  • Growing lights 1,000 watts preferably

  • A line of nutrient such as Fox Farm , General Hydroponics (GH) etc..

  • Pots

  • Soil

  • measuring utensil’s

  • PH up and Down. Needed only if nutrient line isn’t PH balanced

  • Light reflecting plastic

  • spray bottles

  • temperature Gauge

  • Inline fans and ducting

    Setting Up Grow room

Now the first thing you want to do is put up all your reflective material in your grow room. Such as Mylar,or poly film, you want this material to cover up your whole room so that all the light reflects back on to the plants. Next thing you want to do is set up your in line fans. you want one inline fan ducting going outside and the other bringing in fresh air. It is important that the air in the room is always fresh. Next  you want to setup your lights. Now this depends on how many plants your growing and how big the room is. Generally a 1,000 watt light will cover a 5 by 5 room. Now you can put 1 or 10 plants under that light all depends on how big you want to grow them and how big they are depends on how big of pots you put them in. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant resulting in bigger yield, but more nutrient and light go into growing bigger plants.


There is a couple stages to growing marijuana. The first stage is the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. Now these stages are set by how many hours of light the marijuana plant receives. In the vegetative the marijuana plant naturally receives 18 hours of light with the other 6 hours in complete darkness. In the veg stage you can also run the lights 24 hour a day which helps grow faster but more on the electric bill. Then you have the flowering stage, in the flowering stage the plants receive 12 hour of light with the other 12 hour in complete darkness. The changing in light hours simulates the plant to push out the bud. Besides light marijuana needs food. you want to feed them nutrient with water every other feeding. you have to get the particular schedule for your nutrient. You want to begin feeding at 1/4 strength of what the recommended schedule says. See how your plants react to the feeding then slowly bring the dose up. After mixing your nutrient you want to check your PH levels in the water. Then add PH up and DOWN as needed to get PH just right. you want your PH to be 6.0 – 6.5. It is very important to make sure PH levels are just right because the roots won’t take up certain elements such as nitrogen or calcium. The temperature in your grow room should maintain at around 75-85. Anything over 85 will stress your plants out. Humidity during a cutting or seed germination should be 80%, Humidity during the vegetative stage should be about 50-80%, and during the flowering stage it should be 20-40%. you have to be careful during flower stage you don’t want to much humidity this could create mold and many other problems you don’t want. there are a few techniques on how to grow weed. One very popular technique is called topping. this is when you pinch off a node and it stresses the plant to push out two more heads. The flowering period for most strains is 60 days. But depending on the strain that can be more or less. You know when your plants are done when 85 % of the white hairs turn an amber milky color. And also you can look under a microscope and check the trichromes and they should look like microphones. The vegetative stage is as long as you want it to be. this depends on how bug you want the plant to be and how much yield you plan to get from one plant. usually you want them to at least be 7 inch tall. hopefully this article on how to grow weed helps you with what you need, learning how to grow weed is pretty simple all you have to do is understand your plant and treat them right and in return you will have a good crop. and that’s pretty much the basics on how to grow weed. leave comments on the how to grow weed article if you have any questions and I will gladly answer them. and also share the how to grow weed article with your friends.

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