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topping marijuana plants

Posted by admin On September 19, 2015

Topping marijuana plants: Topping marijuana plants is a very easy way of making your plant grow more bushy and help promote more growth making your plant bigger and bushier. Topping a plant takes place in the beginning during vegetative stage, where they gain all they’re growth. Topping during the flowering stage will prolong the flowering stage […]

recreational marijuana is now available in Oregon

Posted by admin On July 25, 2015

Recreational Marijuana. Recreational marijuana has finally passed in Oregon. Thanks to Measure 91 an initiated state statute that was put on state wide ballot in November,4,2014 is now in full effect. Recreational marijuana is now legal for adults 21 and older. Adults 21 an older are now legally able to posses up to eight ounces […]

cloning cannabis

Posted by admin On April 26, 2015

Cloning Cannabis Learning how to clone marijuana is a very simple process. Cloning cannabis is a technique that doesn’t take very much skill to achieve it correctly. There are a few things you need when cloning cannabis. First thing is your cloning gel, now you can pick up cloning gel at any retail hydroponic shop. […]

How to grow weed | Maryguana

Posted by admin On April 25, 2015

How to grow weed| Supplies Needed Growing lights 1,000 watts preferably A line of nutrient such as Fox Farm , General Hydroponics (GH) etc.. Pots Soil measuring utensil’s PH up and Down. Needed only if nutrient line isn’t PH balanced Light reflecting plastic spray bottles temperature Gauge Inline fans and ducting Setting Up Grow room […]

marijuana| Things to know!

Posted by admin On April 23, 2015

A few things to know: marijuana a beautiful natural plant That is often known as cannabis. Marijuana which is purposeful as a psychoactive drug and as well as a medicine. The main chemical in the marijuana plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one chemical of many found in the marijuana plant there are about 483 chemicals […]

Marijuana legalization congress leaning toward decriminalization

Posted by admin On April 19, 2015

  marijuana legalization In an interview with vice news, the president of the United States of America, speaks of marijuana legalization. Congress is now considering rescheduling marijuana as a schedule 2 drug instead of a schedule 1 being categorized with LSD, Heroin, and Cocaine. Marijuana being a schedule 1 drug makes it harder for people […]

fb maryguana fan page

Posted by admin On April 9, 2015

FB Maryguana Fan Page Maryguana has a fb fan page, on our fan page we provide the user with news, strain updates, and funny meme’s that you can share with your family and friends on fb. Maryguana is currently giving away 5 vape pens on there fb fan page. All you have to do is […]

Finally Alaska see’s official legal recreational cannabis

Posted by samadhiyapraveen On January 28, 2015

For many years there has always been a chilly relationship between Cannabis and Alaska. But Alaska is now beginning to see change, Measure 2 an Alaska initiated state statute Which was turned down once before in 2004, is beginning to see light again. On November,4,2014 Measure 2 was put back on the ballot and is […]

New Findings Suggest Cannabis to be 114 time’s less harmful than Alcohol

Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

As more an more state’s begin to create more friendly laws towards cannabis. There are many state’s that are still concerned of how harmful cannabis can be. well new studies posted in the (Scientific Reports), suggest that marijuana is 114 times less deadly than Alcohol. Its going to be hard for many to believe, in […]

Amsterdam Faces Hardship As Cannabis Laws Become Less Friendly

Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

Amsterdam faces many new challenges as the laws become more strict. Amsterdam used to be the place tourists would think of when looking for cannabis where the laws are friendly towards marijuana. Not any more due to the new (revised opium act of 1976), the new act makes so that only residents of the Netherlands […]

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