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The Study Behind The Feeling Of Munchies

Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

When you take a toke of your joint and suddenly you want every snack in sight. We have now learned that cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1R) is what causes this feeling of wanting to eat excessively, even just after eating a meal. Neurons in the brain that were observed to repress the munchy feeling, were now […]

D.C. Legalizes Even As Congress Tried To Prevent

Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

D.C. our country’s capitol, approved initiative 71. Initiative 71 a bill that was put on the ballot November,04,2014, was passed by 70% of D.C.s residents. A bill that would allow any persons 21 and up to posses up to 2 ounces legally, and be able to cultivate no more than 3 mature flowering marijuana plants […]

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