topping marijuana plants

Posted by admin On September 19, 2015

Topping marijuana plants:

Topping marijuana plants is a very easy way of making your plant grow more bushy and help promote more growth making your plant bigger and bushier. Topping a plant takes place in the beginning during vegetative stage, where they gain all they’re growth. Topping during the flowering stage will prolong the flowering stage making it take longer till harvest time. Use the picture below to get an idea of how to top your plant the right way.

topping marijuana plants is a very easy process

topping marijuana plants is easy process

Topping marijuana plants is very easy and simple. All you have to do is make a clean cut on the node in the middle of the two shouts, as seen in the picture above you would make your cut on the red line. The two shouts next to where you made your cuts will turn to two new branches. If you continue this process al over the plant every time it grows new nodes your plant will become bigger and bushier, and will have more bud spots every where. Every time a new node grows in just make your cut and at the end you will have a big beautiful bushy plant that will be ready to produce a lot of flowers.  CLICK HERE to watch a full length video on topping marijuana plants. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to your answer asap. Maryguana is a team of people looking to educate all people on marijuana, so please check out all we have to offer.











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